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Businesses want to be able to get their name out there as being a strong contributor to the neighborhood that they are in. Business make a contribution by not only boosting the economy of the community, but by volunteering their resources to benefit the community and truly becoming a contributing member. For that reason, many businesses align themselves with a nonprofit organization or charity. What this boils down to is a business showing that they are not there to simply take money but to also give back to the community that supports the business every day.

There is a variety of nonprofits and charities that are always on the forefront of the news, looking for businesses to partner with them. Receiving support from any business helps that organization move closer to their goals. Businesses should not donate their resource to simply any organization. It should be a thoughtful and meaningful cause that they support. The reason why an effort should be placed into making the decision is due to the outlook of the company. If a business and its owner choose to support an unworthy cause, customers may leave. Customers like to see business support charities that they would want to contribute to as well.

For a business that contributes to a charitable organization, they receive some great incentives in return. Business can claim volunteer hours and contributions to their income tax. Writing off any time that the business spent volunteering along with noting their financial contributions are a huge benefit for businesses come tax time.

Alpha Moving and Storage is a business that is a strong contributor to their community. Proudly, they serve many homeless shelters. Alpha Moving and Storage is associated with Partnership for the Homeless in Brooklyn.


Whenever an individual, family, or even a business moves, the process can be long and difficult. On top of the inconvenience of moving, the cost can bear a burden of significant size on those moving. The process of boxing up all possessions, placing every box into a moving van, driving the van to a new location, unloading the boxes into the new location or in some cases a temporary storage can be a long and arduous process for anyone.

The veterans of the moving and storage industry often say that there are some things that people are moving should do in order to keep the cost of moving down. One of those things is avoid moving companies that scream bargain prices. The low cost draws people in who are desperate to save money and happy to see the initial estimate. Unfortunately, many times these companies are less than honest. The price is often moved up on the day of the move, and the customers are stuck with a high bill.

Though it may seem like a good idea to go with the lowest estimate, ensure the safety of your wallet by getting the estimate on paper. If it can be signed by the manager that is even better. Companies will go to no end to try to bring in the customer, and sometimes they do things that are less than honest in order to make a quick buck.

Alpha Moving and Storage has been an industry leader in moving and storage since they opened their business in 1994. These moving professionals know what they are doing and will never rip any customer off with dishonest numbers. An agent, who often goes to the site of the move, will survey the size of the job and make an estimate based on what is seen during the visit. They are proud to provide a primer level of service to their customers.

Many moving companies have decided to start using the opportunities to seize “Green” measures of moving as an alternative to becoming more ecologically conscious. As many companies continue to insist that customers purchase boxes off of them which potentially wind up back in the garbage, some companies have taken the opportunity to explain that it’s always best to use plastic bins as a great alternative for shipping and packaging. It is a known fact that there’s always a demand for plastic bins, they are extremely reusable and high in demand. Plastic bins have a lifetime of use that has become very popular over the years. Because of the demand, they never lose value and can always be resold versus having to purchase brand-new. The modern age of marketing has included many opportunities to not only market products like plastic bins but also purchase them at a much cheaper fraction to the cost versus brand-new. This brings a new incentive for people to purchase plastic bins. Unlike the cardboard boxes they do not deteriorate, if so would require an extreme temperature and climate change at more frequency. Alpha Moving and Storage out of Jersey City, New Jersey recommends plastic bands that are also very open to the idea for reuse cardboard boxes as well. Whenever the customers need options, they mention this is an opportunity and have also mentioned they can find boxes at many outlets and stores for free. They also offer reuse boxes at a great discount to help their customers save money.

Relocation can be very challenging process due to the sorting, packing and moving certain items to certain areas in two moving trucks. It is always best to take an approach where essential day-to-day items can be segregated to areas more accessible. This would mean that when in the moving process obstacles and items need to be predetermined, then there is the order in which certain items need to go. Much can be said about some items and being left of importance such as toys and various other items that are known to typically become disposable after a certain amount of use. Enter the fragile items which can be challenging during a move.

The moving and storage industry has many companies that offer services. Many of these services are considered adequate to make moving easier on households. Alpha Moving and Storage is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is had over two decades offering services all over New Jersey-New York area. They take a logistical approach that exceeds the usual; they take the time to actually speak to the client and make the adequate necessities for the move that they make.

They also take great interest and speaking to clients and is planning to them what are the best arrangements their clients can make as far as prioritizing their personal belongings. It is the approach that they take in order to ensure that there is sufficient information for their clients to understand what types of materials may be needed so there are no unexpected surprises.

It’s amazing how quickly possessions can accumulate. A lifetime’s worth of belongings might look like a lot of clutter to one person, but how do you decide what things to keep, and what to get rid of? And what if there is an unexpected influx of stuff – such as furniture inherited from a favorite aunt? Suddenly, space is at a premium.

At this point, many people turn to a storage facility to store their extra possessions. But finding a storage facility is a lot like deciding on a moving company. You want to be sure that you are placing your things with a company you can trust. Some people like to call the police station in the area where the facility is located to get an idea of what the crime rate is in that neighborhood. Find out whether there have been any reports of break-ins or other issues with the facility you’re thinking about. This information can be vital, especially if you are moving to an area that you aren’t familiar with.

If you are moving into a rental space, you might want to ask your landlord or the property management company for a storage referral. Storage is always going to be an issue for people living in apartments, so the management will probably know about reputable storage facilities in the area. Another source to turn to is the local Chamber of Commerce.

Alpha Moving and Storage is the premier storage and relocation company in the New Jersey and New York area. They have been members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau since 2003, and a member of the Circle of Excellence in the New Jersey Movers and Warehousemen Association since 1995.

Most people don’t look forward to moving day. It can be a big hassle, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless details of getting all of your belongings carefully packed up, loaded onto a moving van, and taken to your new home.

But experts in the moving industry say that there are things we can do to minimize the headaches associated with all that packing and moving. And as with so many things in life, one of the keys is starting early, and being well organized. In most cases you should have plenty of lead time with your move: major moves are seldom a spur-of-the-moment thing. You could have up to a couple of months lead time before moving day arrives. Moving professionals say that you can use that time most efficiently if you create a list that itemizes everything that needs to be done, on a week-by-week basis.

If you’re using a moving company then you should definitely have one of their representatives come out to your house to get an idea of the scope of the move. The representative should be able to provide you with a written estimate of the job. And just as important, they’ll see whether you have any unusually large or heavy items that will require some special care by the movers when the big day finally arrives.

The moving professionals at Alpha Moving and Storage in Jersey City, New Jersey have more than twenty years of experience in the moving business, and have been providing excellent customer service through thousands of moves.

Relocating from one city to another can be a difficult and expensive undertaking. All of your worldly belongings are boxed up, placed on a moving van, and taken to some distant destination, where they are taken back of the truck and either put into temporary storage, or put into your new house in your new neighborhood.

Moving and storage industry veterans say that there are some things you can do to keep a lid on the price of a relocation. One of the things you can do might seem counter-intuitive: avoid moving companies that offer what they say are bargain prices. That low price is probably going to be an initial estimate, and it could be a tip-off that you are dealing with a less-than-honorable company. Too often, such companies raise the price when moving day comes along.

The moving professionals at Alpha Moving and Storage recommend that no matter what moving company you choose, you get a price from an agent to actually comes out to your house, surveys the size and scope of the job, and makes an estimate based on what he or she sees during that visit. This is the procedure that they have always followed, and has elevated them to among the premier moving and storage companies in the business. Once you have an estimate in writing, you will avoid having to pay any unexpected and last-minute price increases that are too often associated with so-called bargain moving companies.

Alpha Moving and Storage has been a leader in the moving and storage business since 1994.