Business Contribute to the Community

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Business, Transportation and Logistics

Businesses want to be able to get their name out there as being a strong contributor to the neighborhood that they are in. Business make a contribution by not only boosting the economy of the community, but by volunteering their resources to benefit the community and truly becoming a contributing member. For that reason, many businesses align themselves with a nonprofit organization or charity. What this boils down to is a business showing that they are not there to simply take money but to also give back to the community that supports the business every day.

There is a variety of nonprofits and charities that are always on the forefront of the news, looking for businesses to partner with them. Receiving support from any business helps that organization move closer to their goals. Businesses should not donate their resource to simply any organization. It should be a thoughtful and meaningful cause that they support. The reason why an effort should be placed into making the decision is due to the outlook of the company. If a business and its owner choose to support an unworthy cause, customers may leave. Customers like to see business support charities that they would want to contribute to as well.

For a business that contributes to a charitable organization, they receive some great incentives in return. Business can claim volunteer hours and contributions to their income tax. Writing off any time that the business spent volunteering along with noting their financial contributions are a huge benefit for businesses come tax time.

Alpha Moving and Storage is a business that is a strong contributor to their community. Proudly, they serve many homeless shelters. Alpha Moving and Storage is associated with Partnership for the Homeless in Brooklyn.


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