Less than Honest Estimates for Customers

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Business, Transportation and Logistics

Whenever an individual, family, or even a business moves, the process can be long and difficult. On top of the inconvenience of moving, the cost can bear a burden of significant size on those moving. The process of boxing up all possessions, placing every box into a moving van, driving the van to a new location, unloading the boxes into the new location or in some cases a temporary storage can be a long and arduous process for anyone.

The veterans of the moving and storage industry often say that there are some things that people are moving should do in order to keep the cost of moving down. One of those things is avoid moving companies that scream bargain prices. The low cost draws people in who are desperate to save money and happy to see the initial estimate. Unfortunately, many times these companies are less than honest. The price is often moved up on the day of the move, and the customers are stuck with a high bill.

Though it may seem like a good idea to go with the lowest estimate, ensure the safety of your wallet by getting the estimate on paper. If it can be signed by the manager that is even better. Companies will go to no end to try to bring in the customer, and sometimes they do things that are less than honest in order to make a quick buck.

Alpha Moving and Storage has been an industry leader in moving and storage since they opened their business in 1994. These moving professionals know what they are doing and will never rip any customer off with dishonest numbers. An agent, who often goes to the site of the move, will survey the size of the job and make an estimate based on what is seen during the visit. They are proud to provide a primer level of service to their customers.


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