Alpha Moving and Storage – Reliable Facilities

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Business, Transportation and Logistics

It’s amazing how quickly possessions can accumulate. A lifetime’s worth of belongings might look like a lot of clutter to one person, but how do you decide what things to keep, and what to get rid of? And what if there is an unexpected influx of stuff – such as furniture inherited from a favorite aunt? Suddenly, space is at a premium.

At this point, many people turn to a storage facility to store their extra possessions. But finding a storage facility is a lot like deciding on a moving company. You want to be sure that you are placing your things with a company you can trust. Some people like to call the police station in the area where the facility is located to get an idea of what the crime rate is in that neighborhood. Find out whether there have been any reports of break-ins or other issues with the facility you’re thinking about. This information can be vital, especially if you are moving to an area that you aren’t familiar with.

If you are moving into a rental space, you might want to ask your landlord or the property management company for a storage referral. Storage is always going to be an issue for people living in apartments, so the management will probably know about reputable storage facilities in the area. Another source to turn to is the local Chamber of Commerce.

Alpha Moving and Storage is the premier storage and relocation company in the New Jersey and New York area. They have been members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau since 2003, and a member of the Circle of Excellence in the New Jersey Movers and Warehousemen Association since 1995.


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