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Relocating from one city to another can be a difficult and expensive undertaking. All of your worldly belongings are boxed up, placed on a moving van, and taken to some distant destination, where they are taken back of the truck and either put into temporary storage, or put into your new house in your new neighborhood.

Moving and storage industry veterans say that there are some things you can do to keep a lid on the price of a relocation. One of the things you can do might seem counter-intuitive: avoid moving companies that offer what they say are bargain prices. That low price is probably going to be an initial estimate, and it could be a tip-off that you are dealing with a less-than-honorable company. Too often, such companies raise the price when moving day comes along.

The moving professionals at Alpha Moving and Storage recommend that no matter what moving company you choose, you get a price from an agent to actually comes out to your house, surveys the size and scope of the job, and makes an estimate based on what he or she sees during that visit. This is the procedure that they have always followed, and has elevated them to among the premier moving and storage companies in the business. Once you have an estimate in writing, you will avoid having to pay any unexpected and last-minute price increases that are too often associated with so-called bargain moving companies.

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